Indigenous Relations

Torq is focused on working together with First Nations to provide community strength and enrichment, employment opportunities and training, economic participation and cultural support. Torq feels that the greatest benefit can be achieved in meaningful partnerships with First Nations through equity and shared. This hands on approach provides both pride of ownership for the long term, while also engaging community members.

To date, Torq is proud to have entered into the following:

  1. The establishment of Treaty Nations Trucking & Fuels LP, a majority-owned First Nations fuel distribution business ( Treaty Nations Trucking & Fuels is focussed on the fuel distribution market to First Nations in Western Canada, as well as expanding to service commercial, farm and corporate customers. Treaty Nations focuses on hiring and training First Nations members to form an owner operator businesses in the trucking industry, allowing them to continue to reside in their communities, while at the same time providing economic opportunity, pride of ownership in their businesses and long-term empowerment, education and training opportunities.
  2. A Joint Venture with Yuuse Industries Limited, the prime contractor for the Blueberry River First Nation, which will initially be focussed on providing hydrovac services to customers in Northeast British Columbia. This long-term partnership will additionally provide logistics services for a variety of inbound and outbound commodities within the region in conjunction with Torq's Buick Creek, BC rail terminal.