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TORQ’s model is built on a foundation of efficient logistics, transloading product direct from truck to railcar through portable custody transfer coriolis meters. By only handling the product once at its terminals, TORQ is able to accurately measure the volume and water and sediment (S+W) composition of the product for custody transfer and pass on those efficiencies to its customers.

All of the TORQ sites have a Segregated testing lab on site. This allows TORQ to test the delivered oil for hydrogen sulphide (H2S), flash point, basic sediment and water (BSW). Each product load that comes into a TORQ terminal is tested for H2S. If the tolerance at the TORQ terminal is exceeded the load is rejected. The TORQ team ensures that these rules are strictly followed. TORQ will also check the incoming product and completes regularly testing of each rail car for flash point.

Metering and Practices. Each TORQ terminal is equipped with a zero emission meter. This allows all vapors to be cycled back into the Truck Trailer. Each TORQ Meter is equipped to meet the Regulator standard * (AER Directive 17) All TORQ team members undergo specific training to meet our High standard of business practices .It is important to note that ongoing training is a must for all TORQ team members.