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About Torq Transloading

Our unique product offering is a fully-integrated, bidirectional, multi-destination, rail-based pipeline system connecting producers of bitumen and crude oil products from Canada’s oil sands to markets within Alberta, Saskatchewan and the rest of Canada, US Midwest, US Gulf Coast and other export markets. Our system significantly enhances the service reliability and market reach for all shippers based on the economies of scale and multiple markets. This is something that cannot be easily achieved with conventional in-ground pipeline systems or by individual companies trying to replicate each part of the transportation rail system.

We offer the ability to manage all aspects of the transportation/logistics from the wellhead to your final destination market. The TORQ Team interfaces with the producers’ trucking firms to get your oil to our terminal to meet your nominations. We interface daily with the Class 1 Rail roads and other rail carriers to manage the rail fleet in and out of our terminals all the way to destination and back. In summary, we are a full service transportation/logistics company.